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Irish Penguins Make Same-Sex Pair

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ireland-gay-penguins.jpgHere's a cute story to end your day: two female gentoo penguins, Missy and Penelope (left and right in the image, respectively) have coupled up this week and built a nest in Ireland's Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium.

The Irish Examiner reports:

The Irish duo are one of five couples which have paired off for the breeding season at the polar exhibition which mimics the icy conditions at the South Pole in the Kerry Aquarium.

The head penguin keeper, Kate Hall, said same-sex couples are not unheard of in the penguin world, although it is usually two males who pair off.

"The ones in Central Park are icons for the gay community over there," said Ms. Hall. "They have a lot of fondness and affection for them.

"It's definitely not an unusual occurrence although this time it's two females."

She said Missy and Penelope have been displaying all the signs of a courting couple in their enclosure, which is home to a dozen of the black and white creatures.

"The thing penguins do to show they like each other is they bow to each other and they are doing that.

"When they come into breeding season, they do it to the penguin of their choice and it reinforces the bond between them.

"It is very sweet to watch."

Cheers to the adorable couple!

Click here for a list of other famous same-sex penguin pairs.

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