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Florida Man Sets Fire to Home Because Lesbians Don't Deserve to Have Kids

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braulio-valenzuela-florida.jpgA 73-year-old Miami man was arrested this week after he tried to burn a lesbian couple and their children to death. The man, who lives next door to the family, set fire to their mobile home because they grossed him out.

From WSVN News:

Detectives said... Braulio Valenzuela intended to burn down the home that belongs to two women, who lived next door, because they are lesbians.

LaTania Dansey is grateful that her girlfriend Norma and their eight children were not hurt from the fire that was set to the home. "I feel good that they are OK, and we're OK too," said Dansey. Security cameras show Valenzuela exiting his home around 4:30 a.m. Saturday. In the video, he disappears behind Dansey's home, and moments later, the video shows a globe of fire.

Detective said that while out of the camera's sight, Valenzuela set ablaze a mattress that was right outside Dansey's trailer. "I saw flashing light. Then I heard crackling," said Dansey. The flames were extinguished before they could burn down Dansey's home.

Police believe Valenzuela set the fire because he was disgusted by Dansey's lesbian relationship. Valenzuela never admitted to sparking the fire, but he did confess that he hates seeing the two female neighbors kiss and does not think they deserve to have children.

Joe Jervis notes that Valenzuela's concern for children is more than a little hypocritical, given the fact that the man is a registered sex offender with multiple charges on his rap sheet including child molestation, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and indecent exposure to a child under 13.

But yeah, the lesbians next door don't deserve to have children...

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