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Amy Tilton Kushnir Whines to Glenn Beck: I'm the Victim

Filed By John M. Becker | May 20, 2014 10:00 AM | comments

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amy-kushnir-glenn-beck.jpgAmy Kushnir -- the male stripper-loving Dallas morning show host who stormed off the set last week in a fury over Michael Sam's televised same-sex kiss and who rode her fleeting fame all the way to the set of Faux Noise Fox News -- took her whine-fest to the ultimate whiner last night: Glenn Beck.

In an appearance on Beck's show, Kushnir claimed that she's the real victim here, because she was totally misunderstood: "I wasn't talking about sexual preferences [sic]... what I was referring to was the ESPN event -- what was put on ESPN for shock value."

("Shock value? Hmmmmm, and what would you call cavorting with shirtless male strippers on morning television? Just a day at the office?)

Kushnir still refuses to concede that Sam's kiss is a perfectly normal human expression of affection. Instead, she's trying to assign ulterior motives to the kiss, calling it a "publicity stunt."

Beck then chimed in, suggesting that even if ESPN used the kiss to make news, Sam himself probably wasn't thinking like that. But Amy must not have gotten the memo that when Glenn Beck sounds more rational than you, it's time to stop talking... because she kept going.

"We have since learned through TMZ that Oprah was there with her crew... this was a show that they were working on for reality TV. So it was nothing natural, it was all set up, it was all staged..."

And then she whined some more about "haters." But she's not going to shut up about her anti-gay views, because she's a strong American, you guys.

She also mentions her mother, the ex-wife and former business partner of disgraced televangelist huckster (and Amy's father) Robert Tilton.

Kushnir's tone-deaf whine-fest has to be seen to be believed. Watch, after the jump.

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