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Another Republican Leaves the Party Over LGBT Rights

Filed By John M. Becker | May 01, 2014 9:00 AM | comments

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"I support the constitutional right of our gay family members to enjoy the same rights as our heterosexual family members. In 2004, I was one of two Republican legislators out of 63 to vote against the addition of the Marriage Protection Amendment to Michigan's Constitution. I was the only legislator to call it what it is - discrimination against our gay brothers and sisters. At that time, three local Republican legislators with gay brothers never said a word in support of gay rights. I challenge them with this question: 'If you will not stand up for your own family members, who will you stand up for?'

"Governor Snyder and Lt. Gov. Calley are not willing to publically take a position for or against gay rights. I can only assume it is because they fear the political consequences...

"I am leaving the Republican Party, including many who I consider to be friends, because of the suffering and injustice needlessly inflicted on our gay family members. I consider it an honor to have anti-gay citizens vote against me because of my support for equal rights for our gay family members."

-- Lorence Wenke, a former Republican state representative and current state senate candidate from Michigan, announcing that he's leaving the GOP over marriage equality (and "over-compensation" of state employees) and running as a libertarian.

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