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UPDATE: HGTV Cancels Homophobe's Reality TV Show

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david-jason-benham-flip-hgtv.jpgUPDATE: HGTV has now cancelled plans to move forward with this show. Scroll down below the jump for more information.

According to a new report from Right Wing Watch, the HGTV cable network is launching a new "reality TV" home-renovation show this fall called Flip it Forward that will be hosted by David and Jason Benham. The men are twin brothers, and David (at left in photo) also happens to be a hardcore anti-LGBT, anti-choice extremist.

RWW's Brian Tashman writes:

David Benham led a prayer rally -- Charlotte 7:14 -- outside of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, which he told conservative radio host Janet Mefferd was needed to stop "homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation" and "demonic ideologies tak[ing] our universities and our public school systems"

He told Mefferd that his brother Jason joined him in organizing the DNC prayer protest... David also leads protests outside of abortion clinics where he praises demonstrators for taking a stand at "the gates of hell" and confronting the "altars of Moloch." He also protested at a 2009 LGBT event in Charlotte. He serves on the board of the Coalition of Conscience, a group led by far-right anti-gay activist Michael Brown.

David Benham has also likened the fight against marriage equality to the fight against Nazi Germany, and he bragged to Mefferd about his work on the campaign to pass North Carolina's marriage discrimination amendment. David is apparently an anti-Muslim activist as well.

An audio snippet of David Benham discussing his anti-gay views is after the jump, along with further information about this story.


And here's video footage of David Benham protesting outside a women's health care center in Charlotte:

Tashman notes that in this case, the apple doesn't fall from the tree: the Benhams' father, Flip Benham, is also a die-hard anti-gay, anti-choice activist.

Flip Benham, who has headed the abortion-clinic protest group Operation Save America ever since it split from the militant anti-choice group Operation Rescue.

As leader of OSA, Benham has condemned the interfaith Sandy Hook memorial, protested in front of mosques while shouting "Jesus Hates Muslims" and blamed the Aurora shooting on the Democratic Party, which he said promotes a "culture of death."

He has also protested LGBT pride events, interrupted church services during a sermon by "sodomite Episcopalian bishop" Gene Robinson and was found "guilty of stalking a Charlotte abortion doctor after passing out hundreds of 'wanted' posters with the physician's name and photo on it." Benham even blamed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on abortion rights...

Folks, it's time to get ready for what the right may blow up into Duck Dynasty, round 2 -- the latest front in the cable TV "culture wars." I guarantee you that their hate machine will kick into overdrive to make sure HGTV keeps Flip it Forward on the air.

Feel free to contact HGTV on Facebook and Twitter if you think they should kick these extremists to the curb instead.

UPDATE, 12:30 P.M. EDT: HGTV announced this hour on Facebook and Twitter that it is cancelling the brothers' planned series. (h/t: Joe. My. God.)

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared under the headline "Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Wingnut Gets HGTV Reality Show." The headline was updated when HGTV decided to pull the plug on the show.

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