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WI School Apologizes for Showing 'Biased' Marriage Video

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karen-schulte-janesville.jpgIn an attempt to appease three homophobic parents and uphold a false equivalency on LGBT civil rights, the superintendent of schools in Janesville, Wisconsin is apologizing for Craig High School's decision to show a pro-marriage equality video, calling it "biased" and suggesting that anti-gay materials should have also been shown for the sake of "balance."

The Janesville Gazette reports:

The Janesville School District made a mistake by showing the video "Kids React to Gay Marriage" at Craig High School on April 11, Superintendent Karen Schulte (right) said Tuesday.

"Once I viewed the video, I felt like it was biased to one side of the (same-sex marriage) issue," Schulte said. "It's not something we would typically do. When looking at controversial issues, we need to look at both sides."

The video on same-sex marriage was shown during advisory periods during a Day of Silence observance at the school, according to a news release by the district. The day was intended to be a call to action to protest the bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their supporters.

Students from the school's Gay/Straight Alliance Club selected the video, which was then approved by club advisers and the school's principal.

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Schulte admits that most parents didn't have a problem with the video, but says that showing it violates a school board policy that requires both sides of "controversial issues" to be presented in the classroom.

falseequivalency_keith_kohn.jpgI wonder, just what kinds of "controversial" civil rights issues receive the "balanced" treatment in Janesville? Women's suffrage? The Civil Rights Act of 1964? No-fault divorce? Brown v. Board? I'm willing to bet it's just LGBT civil rights that have to be painted with the false equivalency brush.

Perhaps even more insultingly, Superintendent Schulte had the gall to call the whole kerfuffle a "teachable moment" for students. But what exactly are you teaching them? Oh yeah, that's right: to accommodate and respect anti-LGBT prejudice.

So just to recap: in Janesville, Wisconsin, you can't tell gay and lesbian students that they should be able to get married one day unless you also tell them that marrying a same-sex spouse will send them to hell. Because "balance."

Watch "Kids React to Gay Marriage" [sic], the video that started it all, below:

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