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NOM Surrogate Tricks People into Attending Anti-Gay Rally

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ruben-diaz-nom-lying.jpgThe rapidly imploding and increasingly desperate National Organization for Marriage Discrimination is trying to make a "March for Marriage" hatestravaganza happen in D.C. on June 19.

But NOM's having trouble generating much enthusiasm for their anti-equality rally (perhaps because the tide has turned decisively in the other direction?), so they're deploying New York state senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. -- a pastor and top surrogate who's demonstrated the ability to bus thousands of people to previous rallies -- to bring the warm bodies to Washington.

However, as Andrés Duque reports over at Blabbeando, Díaz is pitching the demonstration in a rather unconventional way: by lying.

Duque writes:

From one of Brian Brown's increasingly desperate newsblasts:

"I just recently got off the phone with my good friend, New York State Senator, Rev. Ruben Diaz, who will be speaking at the March again this year. He told me that he plans to bring down over 100 buses to the March from the Bronx this year!

"He is calling it the 'Second Annual Bus Vigil to Washington.' He plans to depart New York at 4:00 am in a spiritual convoy of activists coming to the nation's capital to defend marriage! That's over 5,000 people -- overwhelmingly Latino and African-American constituents -- that a single political and spiritual leader wants to bring to Washington DC this summer!"

Diaz is calling it the "Second Annual Bus Vigil to Washington" because in his pitches for the rally he actually never mentions the NOM or the word "marriage" for that matter.

Díaz posted a Spanish-language video message on YouTube -- which you can view after the jump, if you're so inclined -- inviting constituents to travel to Washington not for an anti-equality rally, but for a free, all-expenses-paid trip to see the monuments and memorials.

Duque translates an excerpt:

"I'd like to invite you to participate in the 'Second Vigil on Wheels to Washington.' We will be traveling to Washington, DC - the nations capital - to testify and say that we are still a powerful church... We are offering any pastor or organization that wishes to accompany us to Washington a bus completely free of charge. Each bus holds 55 passengers and we will send the bus to any place you tell us to do so... The bus will pick you up there, will bring you to Washington and will bring you back to the same spot. And you won't have to pay for a single thing... Join us! Take advantage of the opportunity. Ask for your bus! Fill the bus! And let's go to Washington! Let's go on a trip! Visit the monuments in Washington and testify that Jesus heals and saves and is the King we await.

Duque rightfully calls Díaz out for exploiting Latinos to pad NOM's numbers, then notes:

This is not the first time Diaz has rallied people to anti-marriage equality demonstrations using deception. At previous rallies I have heard church leaders say that they had no idea they were being taken to such a rally and I have heard other religious leaders that they felt pressured to participate or risk losing the Senator's support.

But this is the first time Diaz has been caught at it so openly. Hilarious.

Hilarious, yes, but also pathetic. Earth to NOM: if you have to lie to people in order to get them to show up to your malice-filled events, you might just want to take the hint and ride off quietly into the sunset.

But we all know NOM won't do that -- they'd much rather disgrace themselves with stunts like these instead. Pass the popcorn!

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