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Edie Windsor Reveals How She Found Her Pride

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marriage-equality-usa-windsor-interview.jpgNational freedom-to-marry group Marriage Equality USA has just released the third and final installment in a set of intimate interviews with marriage equality hero Edie Windsor.

In the video, Edie tells her friends Cathy and Sheila Marino-Thomas about what it was like for her and her wife Thea Spyer during the years Thea suffered from multiple sclerosis -- and the extraordinary steps they had to take to protect their family. She reveals that although she and Thea considered themselves engaged (or "not single," as Edie puts it) during the first decades of their relationship, they never even dared to consider the possibility of marriage until 2003, when same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts.

Windsor also recounts the story of how she first met attorney Robbie Kaplan (who took her case to the Supreme Court), discloses what it's like to be a plaintiff in a major civil-rights lawsuit, and reveals how she developed her "love affair with the gay community."

"When Stonewall happened," Edie said, "I was really this ignorant middle-class lady who said 'I don't see why I have to be identified with those queens.' Only those queens changed my life. And I saw them, and loved what I saw, so it was the beginning of my sense of community."

And boy, did she ever pay it forward!

Watch the interview, after the break.

If you missed part 1, click here to watch; click here for part 2.

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