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Naked Men Rob Florida Restaurant & Only Take Meat

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college-hunks-burglar-2.jpgHere's a story you don't see every day - and, of course, it happened in Florida.

Three men are wanted in connection with burglarizing a restaurant of 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon, three red peppers and a paddleboard. Two of the college-aged men were completely naked; the third wore white underwear. Thankfully, while the intrepid trio noticed one security camera and covered their junk after trying to move it, they didn't notice the second camera that gave us incredible footage of three cuties with a really bad case of the munchies.

Sadly, Crimestoppers isn't giving us the good stuff - only pictures like this one of the guy in his undies.

In addition to the restaurant security footage and 200 frame-by-frame photos, the bandits left another clue: a trail of red peppers on the beach. On Sunday morning, Doc's kitchen staff found the restaurant's red peppers about 100 yards away near a beach bathhouse.

"They left a trail like Hansel and Gretel," Doc's waitress Shelly Isom said with a laugh. "One of them probably said after, 'Uh, guys, where did we leave our clothes?'"
The men never tried to enter the main restaurant to steal money. The bandits stayed in the kitchen area, grabbing hamburgers, bacon and red peppers from three coolers. [General Manager Lou] Bangert said the criminals were in and out of the kitchen in five minutes. They left a mess of food on the ground.

"When I saw the security footage, I said how is this guy not wearing any clothes?" Bangert said. "Then I said, 'Wait, it's not just one. There's three naked. That's what makes this funny."

The three thieves are good looking and Bangert joked that his waitresses are all asking to work the night shift now. I would be too.

Hit this link for another photo plus the world's worst video report you can imagine. Seriously, it's even more of a train wreck than the story. At least one of them has some excitement.

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