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Report: Obamacare Covering More LGBTs, But More Work Remains

Filed By John M. Becker | July 24, 2014 5:00 PM | comments

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get-covered-lgbt-healthcare-obamacare-aca.pngOut2Enroll, a national campaign to inform and engage the LGBT community about healthcare coverage options under the Affordable Care Act, came out with a new report today about the extent to which they were able to spread their message and get LGBT people covered.

As we've written previously here at Bilerico, the Affordable Care Act is particularly important to the LGBT community, which faces noticeable and often devastating levels of health disparities -- especially among LGBT people of color. The law takes many important steps to address those disparities.

Out2Enroll found that while their efforts were successful, the degree of that success "varied significantly by state" and depended on a number of major factors, most notably whether or not the state was committed to LGBT-oriented outreach and engagement, whether LGBT and allied groups were allowed to participate in the health reform effort, and "uncertainty surrounding outstanding policy issues" in the areas of relationship recognition, transgender health needs, and discriminatory practices.

Several of the group's steering committee members commented via press release:

"Given the significant health disparities that affect the LGBT population--and the fact that one in three low- and middle-income LGBT people were uninsured in 2013--efforts to engage LGBT communities are critical," said Out2Enroll Steering Committee Member Kellan Baker. "We are encouraged to see the creative and innovative ways that stakeholders across the country are working to reach LGBT people."

"LGBT consumers continue to raise concerns about issues such as discriminatory coverage practices and the need to understand the plans they are purchasing through the marketplace," said Out2Enroll Steering Committee Member Katie Keith. "Resolving these issues should be a priority for state and federal officials to help ensure that the Affordable Care Act meets the needs of LGBT communities."

Are you an LGBT person who found coverage under the Affordable Care Act's healthcare insurance exchanges? To what extent did your individual marketplace (state or federal) reach out to you and respond to your specific needs as a member of the LGBT community?

A video message from Out2Enroll is after the break; the group's full report can be found here.

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