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Fox Pundits: Preventing Churches from Campaigning 'Assaults' Christianity

Filed By John M. Becker | August 04, 2014 10:00 AM | comments

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"They want to use IRS as a weapon against Christianity, against faith. Using the power of government to go after faith, that's what it's about. Sure, there are going to be churches in the South that go after Democrats, but it's a much bigger and far more dangerous campaign they're on...

"They want to turn belief in constitutional principles, belief in God into a political thing. They want to use the IRS to go after people who express their faith from the pulpit and urge action. That's the important part, they want people who believe to shut up."

-- Pajamas Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams, speaking with Faux Noise Fox News host Tucker Carlson about laws prohibiting tax-exempt groups like churches from meddling in politics. Carlson agreed, saying such laws are "basically an assault on people of faith" and seek to "crush organizations [liberals] don't agree with."

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