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Wingnut Pastor: NASA Probe Proves That Universe 'Rebukes' Marriage Equality

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"As far as our scientists have been able to discover, everything has an opposite," he shrugged. "There's nothing in the universe that agrees with same-sex [marriage], there's nothing in the universe that agrees with the Sodomites... The Sodomites can't get a witness from anywhere in the universe except their own perverted testimony, nothing in the universe will agree with them. Everything in the universe says it must be male and female.

"There is no life that will come out of a rectum!" he exclaimed. "You cannot produce life, it's only death! There's nothing in a rectum except waste, refuse and death! And without the true, authentic creation that God has put in order, all Sodomites would die! Because there's nothing but death and refuse in the rectum! No life can come out of the rectum! The rectum is designed to get rid of death and waste! It's designed for that one purpose, and the Sodomites are cheering on and praising the rectum! I mean, that's demonic!"

-- Rev. Dr. James Manning, the wingnut pastor of Harlem's ATLAH World Missionary Church, claiming in a rambling anti-gay, anti-trans YouTube message to his followers that NASA's Voyager spacecraft proves that homosexuality and marriage equality offend the universe. Manning's church is best known for its crazy signs claiming, among other things, that "Jesus would stone homos" and that black men are being snatched away from black women by white gays.

Watch Manning's message below (start at 13:00):

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