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This Crazy Lady is Totally Not Having Museum's Evolution Nonsense

Filed By John M. Becker | November 25, 2014 2:00 PM | comments

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chicago-christianist-evolution-megan.pngAnyone who follows the infuriating "debates" about topics like climate change, vaccinations, and the choice myth of sexual orientation -- where fear, misinformation, urban legends, and pseudoscience are presented alongside scientific consensus as though both "sides" are equally legitimate -- knows that we've got a serious idiocy problem here in America.

Another issue where this problem manifests itself is that of evolution. For Exhibit A, I give you Megan Fox. She's a self-described "homeschooling, Tea Partying, conservative mother of two (with another on the way!) out and about in the suburbs."

Megan creates YouTube videos about what she calls "subversive elements in children's books and teen literature" and conducts "investigative reports... related to schools, libraries, museums and other places of importance to families."

Her latest "investigative report" is an "audit" of the Evolving Planet exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. The Field Museum is one of the most prestigious museums in the world, but according to Megan, it's all bullshit:

The Field Museum pushes certain theories as if they are absolute proven law when that is not how the scientific method works. She found enough bias to show that the people who put this exhibit together at the Field Museum pushed an agenda with quasi-religious overtones: the cult of "science" where the "scientists" are more like high priests pushing a religion instead of using the correct scientific method. Aside from having time machines, there is no way these people can be this certain about things they speculate happened millions of years ago before recorded history.

Listen to this Christianist homeschooling suburbanite buffoon lecture us all about science, after the break. (She can't pronounce "eukaryotes," but she knows her facts, you guys!)

h/t: Towleroad.

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