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The Harsh Truth Behind the 'I Am Delivered' Video

Filed By Viktor Kerney | November 12, 2014 2:00 PM | comments

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Over the weekend, the Church of God in Christ celebrated their 107th anniversary. During this celebration, a young man stepped up to the pastor and declared that he was "delivered" from being gay. He also claimed that he does not wear make-up and will not carry a purse.

Members of the congregation were on their feet, cheering this young man's newly-found "freedom" from the ol' demonic shackles of homosexuality. A video of this event was recorded and within hours of its release it went viral. Soon there were Vine videos and remixes of this man shouting, "I am delivered!" "I don't like mens no more!"

Many folks, including myself, found the video completely over-the-top and somewhat funny. But when you look deeper at what's really happening in this video, you realize there is a lot to take in. This video is quite alarming.

While we don't know the complete story, we can tell that this young man is hurting. He is looking for validation and acceptance, something that is clearly missing in his life.

It's no secret that there are rough edges between the church and the LGBT community. The church incessantly and vigorously preaches against our "lifestyle and behaviors." Those messages can easily convince someone that they're sinful, lost, and sometimes even possessed by demons.

Some of us grew up hearing those messages, trying to figure out if something was truly wrong with us. Those messages are heavy, literally besetting your very being with fear and doubt. At some point, you are looking for a way out, or a chance to feel good again.

This man was looking for that way out, but sadly lost his way. Some will argue that the LGBT community failed him, others may blame the church for their spirit-beating sermons.

In truth, it's a mix of both issues. Our community is notorious for having unmerited sets of standards. And for many within our community, those standards can effortlessly cast uncertainty. Now, add in the negative imagery and words spoken by your church family, and poof! You are completely overwhelmed.

This is the time where you make the choice of moving forward or giving up. For this young man, he just gave up. But hopefully he will find his way back and restart his true life journey.

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