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Chris Crocker Talks Gender Identity

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chris-crocker-trans.jpgChris Crocker, a self-described "edutainer," is best known for his viral video breakdown in defense of Britney Spears. He has dabbled in music, porn, and numerous other ventures. Audiences may struggle to classify a celebrity like Crocker whose personality trumps any particular contributions to the arts or entertainment, but he does have an audience and uses it to advocate issues and ideas important to him.

On Tuesday, Crocker posted an insightful Facebook status message touching on trans* and genderqueer themes. It provides a wonderfully lucid, personal, honest, and authentic testimony of a genderqueer person with practical fears, deep struggles, and alternately competing preferences and characteristics. I also greatly respect Crocker for taking the conversation beyond the intellectually weak admonition to simply avoid labels. The message deserves repeating in full.

Check it out, after the break.

Crocker writes:

Yesterday I posted pictures of me with hair and make-up and got tons of questions & comments from people who didn't understand.

For me, wearing make-up and hair was never drag. For me, I was expressing a repressed part of myself I always knew existed. I was freeing myself. It wasn't dress-up or pretending to be something I'm not. It was about matching what was already there, on the inside.

My inbox is filled with questions like "Wait. Were you born a boy or a girl?" "Why did you stop doing drag?" and people debating about if I was hotter as a guy or girl- which is the most offensive thing on the planet considering it isn't drag for me.. It's a PART OF ME.

I now feel a responsibility to break it down for those who are sheltered from understanding transgendered people.

1- Being Transgender is not always black and white. It is on a scale for everyone. For me, I feel split between male and female. Some feel 100% man, though they were born physically female. And vice versa.

2- Transgender people do not always transition. It takes people a lot of serious thinking & it is different for everyone.

3- just because I do not present myself aesthetically female anymore does not mean I have changed my mind. It means I fear for my safety living in Tennessee, where everyday became a battle.

4- because I feel 2-spirited it doesn't mean I'm uncomfortable dressing male but I will admit I feel a part of me is being repressed.

5- I do not have a current preference about pronouns in reference to my gender. IE: he or she. For me, it's fluid (as of now), if I choose to transition then that will obviously change.

6- If a transgender person tells you they explicitly identify as male or female- try to not see them as Trans. Try to see them as the gender they identify with. Gender & sexuality are separate. What gender they identify as, is something you cannot say otherwise about. Their body has nothing to do with their mind, heart, and identify.

I do not expect it to be easy for everyone to understand. It's already a battle for us.

What I ask is that you treat transgender people with the WANT to understand. Questions do not offend us. Assumptions about why we feel the way we do, do.

Try to take a closer look at who people are, beyond their physicality. Gender isn't box-size. Neither are our minds, so open yours up to others experiences and I guarantee you will find more joy in your compassion than your joy in the judgment chair.

We are all more than our bodies.

Does your body decide your feelings? No. Same with Trans folk.

Thank you for reading (if you did)

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