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Gay Ohio Baker Refuses to Serve Christian Couple

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Erik Deckers is a satirist. He's a writer who writes satire, and has written a satirical newspaper column for nearly twenty years. That means there's a good chance this is also satire, and never actually happened.

nom-refuse-right-service.jpgA southwest Ohio bakery's refusal to sell a wedding cake to a Christian couple has caused an uproar among conservatives in a Dayton suburb.

Tim Richards and Cheryl Johnson reported they were recently turned down for a wedding cake by Stewart's Cakes in Kettering, Ohio.

"When we told the man what we wanted and where we wanted the cake delivered, he turned us down," said Richards. "We asked if he could deliver a 4-layer chocolate and vanilla wedding cake to the Holy Calvary Church, and he told us it was against his principles to serve us."

The owner of Stewart's Cakes, Stephen Hillstrom, who married his partner in Washington D.C. last year, told reporters, "We're a private business, and we're allowed to serve or not serve whomever we'd like. It would violate our beliefs to serve people like that."

Reverend Al Everetts, senior pastor of Holy Calvary, said,

"This is unconscionable! That someone would discriminate against two people who only want to celebrate their love is heinous. These two young people want to spend the rest of their lives together as a committed couple, and someone wants to make this a political issue. You shouldn't be allowed to use your own personal beliefs to discriminate against people like that."

"What did we ever do to them?" asked Johnson. "We feel like we're being persecuted. This is discrimination, pure and simple, and I don't think they should be allowed to refuse service based on their personal beliefs."

Debate has swirled around this small Ohio town, as proponents of both sides engage in lively discussion online and in the community.

"That's a stupid way to run a business," said John Abrams of nearby Germantown. "You've got a couple of kids who just want to celebrate their love, and they're asking for a simple cake. Why would you turn down business?"

Richards and Johnson have managed to make other arrangements for their wedding cake, but they're still upset about the whole experience.

"I don't see why they should care who gets married," said Richards. "What we do with our own lives is our business. It's unfortunate that someone chose to impose their beliefs on our lives. It's not like our marriage hurts them at all."

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