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Russian State TV 'Proves' U.S. Indoctrinates Kids With Homosexuality

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russia-tv-bogus-image.pngRossiya-1, a television channel owned by the Russian government, aired a special "news" program on Friday that claimed that U.S. parents are indoctrinating their children into homosexuality, and that American gay propaganda is infiltrating and weakening Europe as well.

Vox reports:

The segment presents, as evidence, a Western grade-school biology textbook, which includes diagrams of human reproductive organs. As foreboding music plays in the background, the Rossiya-1 news anchor states that Western children are "forced to learn everything there is to know about sexual intercourse and are told to pick which gender they would like to be," according to a translation by Julia Davis.

The segment then cuts to a video that it says shows a typical American family at home. A father leads his young son into his bedroom to show him a surprise: he has covered the child's bedroom wall with explicit gay pornography. The child shouts in joy at the present. (This appears 30 seconds in to the above clip.) The Rossiya-1 host, disgusted at the display, sternly asks, "Is it appropriate for a child's bedroom to look this way?"

The video that Rossiya-1 presents as real is of course an obvious fake, created as a joke by the users of 4chan. The video is a satirical re-cut of this much-mocked commercial by Fathead, a sports paraphernalia company. The original shows a father showing his son that he has covered his bedroom wall with a giant photo of a monster truck. 4chan users changed out the monster truck with gay pornography as a way to mock the commercial. Rossiya-1 either mistook or willfully misrepresented the satire as documentary news footage.

Watch, after the break.

As Vox points out, this kind of wanton gay-bashing isn't new -- state-owned Russian media routinely airs salacious anti-gay propaganda as an excuse to slam the "decadent" West and extol the virtues of Mother Russia Russian "democracy." (Hell, they even blamed last year's Chelyabinsk meteor strike on the gays!)

But the fact that an absurd and patently fake video like this can be passed off as truth -- and believed -- shows how startlingly successful Putin has been at creating an alternate universe in Russia -- "a world in which [he] can shape reality how he wishes."

If you feel like watching the entire 90-minute segment, I've included it below.

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