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The Case for EqualityGOP

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Editor's Note: Guest blogger Pam Daniels is a writer, activist and founding board member of EqualityGOP. She's spent more than four decades in broadcast media and news, broadcast management, politics and political consulting, engineering consulting, and creating and producing syndicated radio programming for both terrestrial FM stations and Internet streaming. Pam served as former New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman's Director of Radio and Television.

rainbow-elephant-republican-gay.jpg"My younger bother is gay, and he and I are so glad you guys started EqualityGOP -- It's about time!"

A Republican elected official blurted that out to Kim Taylor and me during a recent statewide Republican gathering in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kim is EqualityGOP's Vice Chair, and I'm a founding board member. That councilwoman's declarative superbly sums up dozens of reactions from our Republican LGBT allies, along with LGBT Republicans themselves.

First off, speaking for myself, and probably many (if not most) other LGBT Republicans, I say "thank you" to LGBT Democrats for doing the lion's share of the work to improve our collective lives these past few decades. A tip of the hat must also go to Log Cabin Republicans, who did their best to push back against homophobia and transphobia in our party when that seemed an impossible task.

So, why EqualityGOP?

It's clear that a majority of Americans support full LGBT equality but also prefer limited government, low taxes with equitable tax policies. These United States are center-right -- always have been, always will be. EqualityGOP will support and promote incumbents, candidates, legislation, and ballot issues that affirm that LGBT people have all the same human rights, which also happen to be the constitutional birthrights that gender congruent heterosexuals take for granted.

All LGBT people, without exception, are "normal," period! A tiny extremist minority repeatedly attempts to deny LGBT people our basic human rights -- our constitutional birthrights -- by subliminally proffering the utterly ridiculous notion that somehow LGBT people are abnormal. No more!

Listen up: being LGBT is, in fact, normal, and we have all the same basic human rights (constitutional birthrights) that everyone else has, without exception.

Dismantling Religion-Based Bigotry

First, religious arguments that LGBT people are abnormal are baseless. Remember separation of church and state?

Public law and policy can never be made based on religious belief. All variations of human sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression are "normal;" our human species evolved this way.

AbeLincoln.jpegThere are three "genetic sexes," not two, and they are male, intersex, and female. Intersex people have parts of both male and female organs, and to this day parents allow doctors to mutilate intersex children to supposedly "make" them male or female. At least half the time the parents' and doctors' arbitrary decision is wrong, and that often (if not usually) leads to the mutilated person committing suicide.

Sexual orientation and gender identity develop in the brain before we're born based on the release of certain hormones in our mothers' bodies. Sexual orientation and gender identity develop independent of each other and have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with our genetic biological sex. All people who teach/preach otherwise are absolutely wrong.

The GOP's Civil Rights Legacy

Too many people have forgotten that it was our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery. President Teddy Roosevelt supported women's rights, including the right to vote, and President Dwight Eisenhower fought to desegregate schools while signing civil rights legislation into law.

Yes, President Johnson, a Democrat, signed the famous Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law, but that was passed thanks to overwhelming Republican support in Congress. More recently in 2013, ten real Republicans -- true conservatives -- in the U.S. Senate voted for America's first (and to date only) LGBT civil rights legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Those GOP Senators were:

  • Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.)
  • Susan Collins (R-Maine)
  • Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)
  • Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah)
  • Dean Heller (R-Nev.)
  • Mark Kirk (R-Ill.)
  • John McCain (R-Ariz.)
  • Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
  • Rob Portman (R-Ohio)
  • Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pa.)

Real Republicans -- true conservatives like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower -- always support full equality in all things, for all people, everywhere. As for those Republicans who don't, well, we've all heard about "RINOs."

As of this writing, the RINO Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, has rescinded the previous governor's executive order that protects LGBT people from discrimination while other RINOs in Alabama defy a federal court ruling that protects lesbian and gay couples' right to marry.

The overwhelming majority of Republican and independent voters in this country support full LGBT equality. The RINOs described above don't realize that they are already relegated to the dung heap of history.

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