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Trip To The Toy Store [Picture Tells A Story]

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We are living in the golden age of sex toys.

Dildos at the very least, may have been around since prehistoric times, and our closest simian cousins have been observed using them as well, but that does not mean that modern science can't make them better. Moreover, the dildo is just the tip (so to speak) of the vast array of pleasure objects available today, including vibrators of staggering sophistication for all genders, G-spot and P-spot toys, masturbation sleeves, dildos made out of everything from ultra-refined silicone, to hardened glass, polished granite, and exotic hardwoods.

Then there are personal lubricants for every body and every need, from organic lubes made from seaweed, to silicone lubricants with complex and unpronounceable ingredients; plus hybrids (not just for cars), specialty lines with different flavors or sensations, and oil-based options for people who aren't worried about latex.

The entire field really is exciting... in multiple senses of the word. And none of that even touches on all the toys and tools for folk who are a bit (or a lot) kinky.

At least as exciting though, is that the social conversation about sex toys has grown far more open and accepted in recent years.

Much of the stigma that was long attached to the use of sex toys, which for the most part is a subject deeply intertwined with societal issues around female sexuality and masturbation, has been, if not lifted, than at the least mitigated in recent years.

In some ways slower to come, has been a wider acceptance of sex toys for men. Prostate toys and dildos have a long history, along with cock rings and many kinkier toys, in the gay men's world, but even there, stigma can linger around the use of masturbation sleeves like the Fleshjack, and vibration toys such as the Cobra Libre by Fun Factory (a personal favorite).

As those conversations have moved ahead, and technological innovations in materials and miniaturization (for motors and battery packs) has advanced, so too has the corner toy store.

Sure, it's still possible to find skeevy dives packed with mystery rubber "jelly" toys, discount products featuring naked models with impossible anatomy on their boxes, and jack-off booths down the dark corridor in the back. But there are also an abundance of the new generation of "erotic boutiques," which were born in no small part out of the lesbian community in the 80s and 90s. With the ready availability of toys on the internet, the modern toy shop thrives by being built on a foundation of knowledgeable staff, a clean and welcoming environment, and tasteful, good quality products.

With Valentines Day around the corner, "pleasure objects" for individuals and couples (or thruples if you prefer) are on a lot of people's minds. Before browsing the vast mix of quality and junk toys available online, consider paying a local sex toy shop or erotic boutique a visit.

It's fun alone or with friends/partners, and you just might find yourself bringing home something special, and with no shipping charge.

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