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Looking Beyond Mr. Right Now: Sponsored Post

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gay_couple.jpgThis is a sponsored post.

If you're looking for love as a gay man, it's never easy to find the right guy (or three). Thankfully, has you covered with ten easy tips to finding Mr. Right. Not only do they give you a ranking of handpicked websites for finding a match, they've also included ten easy tips for finding a partner.

One section, however, stood out to me right away. Tip #6 is called "Open Relationships are a Harsh Reality." It says:

More than any other type of relationship, gay men take advantage of open relationships. Maybe it is man's natural impulses--the combined, heightened levels of testosterone--which make gay couples less committed than straight couples or others within the LGBT community.

While I understand that the site is geared toward longterm relationships, I'm not sure why "things you need to know to ensure success" includes shaming some types of gay relationships. I know many couples who are in a successful open relationship. My husband and I have been together for almost 17 years now; I'd call that successful.

I'd also call into question their blanket statement that hormones make men unable to be monogamous if that's their choice. The whole "gay couples are less committed than straight couples" is a talking point straight from the religious right that has been used exclusively to denigrate our relationships as less than straight ones and to paint a picture of gay men especially as crazed sexual predators.

The "gay men are whores" mantra was used to justify the government's slow response to AIDS and led directly to the deaths of thousands of gay men. We've been painted by religious conservatives as disease ridden nymphomaniacs who can't keep our dicks in our pants and only "play" at marriage because, you know, we can't actually be monogamous - as if that's the standard that all relationships must follow.

What do you think? Am I just being prickly over Tip #6? Let me know what your thoughts below.

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