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LA's Eagle Rock Neighborhood Has a Satanist Problem?

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File this one under batshit crazy.

The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council of Los Angeles received an interesting letter in March from a concerned Milwaukee citizen. The author is very worried that Satanists are taking over the city.

LAist did a little digging to see if the letter's author knew something they didn't.

A little internet-sleuthing reveals that a group with an Eagle Rock P.O. box made the cut of an old list of Satanic cults. It seems that along with JNCO jeans and the X-Files, Satanic ritual abuse panic is making a comeback. The group is called Feraferia and it was formally chartered by Fred Adams in 1967 who lived in Pasadena and used to take groups up into the San Gabriel Mountains for rituals, according to a website dedicated to the group. The group was an offshoot of neopaganism dedicated to Hellenic goddess. It is big on being in touch with nature, the Goddess, faeries, vegetarianism and optional nudity.

Adams eventually moved up north to Nevada City with to be with his soul mate and co-ritualist Lady Svetlana in the 90s and he died in the late aughts.

A picture of the letter as posted by the council on Facebook and a transcript are after the break.



(All spelling and grammar errors are the author's.)

Dear Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council,

I would like you to remove the Satanic Cult Church from Eagle Rock, California. Why? Because not only is the Satanic Cult connected to Satanism but also Satanism teaches about rebeling against authority (police, city government, US Law, etc) and their god satan requires cat, dog sacrifices (which explain why millions of cats and dogs are missing nationwide) and human sacrifice. This religion is disgusting, cruel, wrong and barbaric. Please remove the Satanic Cult Church from Eagle Rock, California. The people of Eagle Rock do not want it. Even American citizens do not want Satanism in America. Besides human sacrifice is illegal under US Law.

PS: If you are having problems getting water then get water from the ocean also desalt it. Have it brought by pipe to Eagle Rock as well as put nets in front of the pipe to protect wildlife from entering it and protect it from being sabotaged. Even if you support environmentalism a human can't survive for more than 3 days without water.

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