Thanks for your interest in joining the Bilerico Project!

The Bilerico Project is a "by invitation only" group blog. We actively seek new contributors and also accept applications to join the Bilerico family. We specifically choose our contributors because of their backgrounds, writing abilities and expertise; we issue invitations deliberately.

If you'd like to apply to become a contributor, there are a few things we expect in the application. Please include the following when you contact the Bilerico Project editorial team.

  • 3 (minimum) writing samples to the editorial team
  • Specify the topic(s) you'd like to add to our coverage
  • Where do you live?
  • What makes you stand out from our other contributors? Toot your own horn!
  • Tell us a bit about how you will help to promote and grow the site

As we research applicants, we tend to appreciate those who go the extra mile. Here are some examples:

  • Add the Bilerico Project to your blogroll
  • Participate in the comments section of the Project. Help us build the community!
  • Get to know a contributor or editor

Again, thanks for your interest in becoming a contributor with the Bilerico Project. Don't be discouraged if you don't get a spot right away. We don't have a lot of turnover here at the Project, so openings are infrequent and interest is high.