Action Alerts: October 2005

Follow-up: When the HRC Comes to Town

Filed by Jerame Davis | October 31, 2005 | 6:43 PM | comments

This is an update to my recent post, "When the HRC Comes to Town" regarding the visit of HRC president Joe Solmonese to Indianapolis and HRC's choice of the Rathskeller as their venue for this event. I am pleased to...Read More

INTRAA President's Letter to Joe Solmonese

Filed by Ed Team | October 30, 2005 | 11:16 PM | comments

The Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA) is concerned about an announcement that HRC is hosting a fundraiser for you in Indianapolis at the Rathskeller restaurant on Sunday, November 6th.Read More

When the HRC Comes to Town

Filed by Jerame Davis | October 29, 2005 | 4:01 AM | comments

It has come to our attention that HRC President Joe Solmonese is visiting Indianapolis and hosting a meet and greet at the Rathskeller. The Rathskeller has conducted fundraising operations for the Republican Speaker of the House, Brian Bosma, who is...Read More

You need to do this

Filed by Bil Browning | October 05, 2005 | 5:00 PM | comments

If you're here to get more information on Indiana state senator Pat Miller's state authorized reproduction bill, you need to drop by Indiana Equality's website and sign up for their Action Alert system. IE will be taking the lead...Read More

ABC-TV poll

Filed by Bil Browning | October 05, 2005 | 2:39 PM | comments

WRTV Channel 6 (ABC) is currently hosting a poll that you need to vote in! The Indiana legislature is currently considering a bill that would outlaw artificial insemination by single adults (read: gays and lesbians). The poll asks, "Should...Read More