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Bruce Parker

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Bruce Parker has been a Project Contributor since November 2005, has written 103 entries and currently lives in Baton Rouge, LA.


After being in love with a transgender queer man for several years, romantically living with a butch lesbian for six months and dating his fair share of hot gay men, Bruce Parker no longer buys into categories such as gay, lesbian and bisexual. Instead, he believes that on some level everyone is at least a little queer. He is exceedingly happy he figured that out in time to have the fun that comes along with hanging out, theorizing, learning and loving outside the limits of the binary.

Bruce is a transgender rights activist who currently divides his activist time between two roles. As Safe Space Campaign Coordinator for Louisiana State University, he hopes to expand the program to a focus on making the entire university and surrounding community safer for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied students. Bruce also serves on the board of directors (as Director of Curriculum Development) for TransYouth Family Allies. He continues to be awed by the passion and dedication of the women who lead the organization and feels blessed to be a part of their extended family.

Bruce has a BA in Cultural and Interdisciplinary Studies from Antioch College, a Masters of Science in Curriculum Studies from Purdue University and is currently pursuing taking his Ph.D. in Curriculum Theory and Women’s and Gender Studies at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Currently, his curriculum theory scholarship focuses on gender variant and transgender issues in curriculum, pedagogy and educational policy. His Women’s and Gender Studies scholarship is exploring the possibilities of theoretical interventions in life writing. Bruce has several academic articles under review by journals in the field of education.

Bruce holds numerous academic service positions including, but not limited to Assistant Editor and Book Review Editor of The Journal of Curriculum Theory; being a member of the newly constituted leadership group of the JCT Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice; being co-Secretary/Treasurer for the American Educational Researcher’s Association queer special interest group, being on the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies State-of-the-Field Commission; and being Vice-President of the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Student Organization at Louisiana State University.

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