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D Gregory Smith

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D Gregory Smith has been a Project Contributor since November 2009, has written 119 entries and currently lives in Bozeman, MT.


D Gregory Smith, MA, is a gay, HIV+ native Montanan, a Rome-educated former priest, now a licensed mental health therapist, health educator, firm and gentle activist, spiritual adventurer and witty optimist who loves to write. He blogs at From Eternity To Here

Greg has always been active in the field of social justice. As a newly ordained priest he served as an original member of the Montana Governor's AIDS Advisory Council, advocating for early testing and working to address homophobia in rural medical centers.

As a therapist, he has worked at Seattle Counseling Service in Seattle, the oldest LGBTIQ mental health agency in the country, and was especially interested in helping queer people address and overcome the guilt and shame that directly and indirectly come from family, society, religion and self.

He is the Executive Director of AIDS Outreach in Bozeman, MT and works with the Montana Gay Men's Task Force presenting at and co-facilitating Men's Health Retreats. He also facilitates two HIV+ support groups, and works as a private therapist. He speaks at events throughout the Northwest, telling his story and educating others about being gay, HIV, intimacy/relationships and other topics.

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HIV Cures Come With a Price

Filed by D Gregory Smith | July 03, 2013 | 4:30 PM | comments

We've had some excellent news about the curing of HIV-infected people in the past year. But it comes at a price.Read More


People Most at Risk for HIV Not Being Studied

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A new report produced by a coalition of global advocacy organizations shows that the International AIDS Conference continues to lack meaningful coverage of populations most-at-risk for HIV.Read More


Can We Get Ellen to Montana?

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Help! Helena Non-discrimination Poll Freeped By Haters

Filed by D Gregory Smith | December 11, 2012 | 11:30 AM | comments

While I'm not sure that this is a huge issue (the poll, not the ordinance), it irks me that those opposed are marshaling the forces of discrimination across the country to weigh in.Read More

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Study: Access to HIV Services Worldwide Stunted by Homophobia

Filed by D Gregory Smith | November 29, 2012 | 3:30 PM | comments

Global study finds homophobia, comfort with service provider, and community engagement have significant impact on access to condoms, lubricant, HIV testing, and HIV treatment. Read More