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Jeff Sheng

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Jeff Sheng has been a Project Contributor since March 2009, has written 12 entries and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Jeff Sheng is an artist, photographer and activist living in Los Angeles. He also teaches Photography and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Jeff has photographed for the New York Times Magazine and OUT Magazine, and his artwork has been published in the Advocate, LA Times and Boston Globe. His most well known project "Fearless," about "out" LGBTQ athletes on high school and college sports teams, was featured on the ABC World News with Charles Gibson webcast, and will be exhibited at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Since 2006, "Fearless," has been seen at over 40 venues across including the headquarters of ESPN in Bristol, CT, in 2008, and also in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the 2009 LGBT Human Rights Conference.

Jeff received his BA in film and photography (Visual and Environmental Studies) from Harvard University in 2002, and his MFA (Master of Fine Arts: Studio Art) from the University of California, Irvine, in 2007. For more information about "Fearless," please visit:

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"Trsitan and Zeke" by Jeff Sheng (DADT)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: the Invisibility of Male Couples

Filed by Jeff Sheng | September 21, 2010 | 5:30 PM | comments

One of the most touching moments for me while working on my "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" photo series has been the photographing of couples. It dawned on me recently, that the element of relationships and couples, particularly of men, has...Read More

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell," photography exhibition opens in Los Angeles, new photobook released

Filed by Jeff Sheng | September 15, 2010 | 9:30 AM | comments

Many readers will remember a series of my posts from earlier this year about my "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" photography project, featuring currently serving closeted service members affected by the policy. I wanted to finally update everyone about the progress...Read More

Photos: DADT discharges still happening

Filed by Jeff Sheng | March 04, 2010 | 10:30 AM | comments

While all of the photographs published in my first photobook "Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Volume 1" are of closeted service members currently serving, I was recently approached by a cadet who is now facing discharge for coming out, and I...Read More

Winter Olympics Report exclusive: PRIDE House

Filed by Jeff Sheng | February 22, 2010 | 12:00 PM | comments

One of my favorite quotes is from Nelson Mandela and I have it printed out above my desk: "Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite in a way that little else does. It...Read More

Exclusive Pics: Lt. Dan Choi back in service?

Filed by Jeff Sheng | February 09, 2010 | 9:30 AM | comments

This past weekend at the NGLTF Creating Change conference, there was a notable absence that many have already tweeted and remarked about. Lt. Dan Choi was supposed to lead a Knights Out sponsored workshop on Friday morning about ending "Don't...Read More