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Jennifer Wagner

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Jennifer Wagner has been a Project Contributor since March 2006, has written 8 entries and currently lives in Indianapolis, IN.


Jennifer Wagner is a former Bilerico - Indiana Contributor.

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GOP breaks out gay marriage (again)

Filed by Jennifer Wagner | October 25, 2006 | 11:45 AM | comments

Cross-posted from Taking Down Words: State Republican lawmakers unveiled yet another component of their 12-step legislative recovery program yesterday. Something about keeping criminal behind bars longer. Good idea. Too bad it would cost the state millions, and B-Boz, per usual,...Read More

I thee wed

Filed by Jennifer Wagner | June 27, 2006 | 1:20 PM | comments

I'm a born cynic. I've always thought of marriage as one of those conventional traditions marketed for girls in fluffy dresses and their overbearing mothers. I've always said it's the commitment that matters, the pledge to love another for a...Read More

Taking on the wedge

Filed by Jennifer Wagner | May 31, 2006 | 10:46 AM | comments

Tiny little rant here. Over the weekend, I was having dinner with my parents, and my mom -- completely sans malice -- asked me about the GOP argument that people should vote Republican because Democrats have no ideas and no...Read More

Songs for Sunday

Filed by Jennifer Wagner | April 09, 2006 | 3:52 PM | comments

My iPod has been working overtime this weekend. Here's the last 10 random things it's spewed out: 1. Johanna - Bernadette Peters 2. Other Side of the World - KT Tunstall 3. I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred (Wagner's...Read More

Really late to the Best Picture game

Filed by Jennifer Wagner | April 08, 2006 | 10:58 PM | comments

I don't often wear socks. In fact, I'd go barefoot all year around if I could. But when I wear socks, and I watch a Best Picture winner, I expect to have those socks knocked three states over. Yeah, our...Read More