Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley

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Michael Buckley has been a Project Contributor since May 2007, has written 412 entries and currently lives in Connecticut.


Michael Buckley is the host and writer of WHAT THE BUCK, the popular online celebrity gossip show. Whether accusing David Beckham of playing with Tom Cruise's balls or warning Jennifer Hudson that Beyonce wants to kill her, Mr. Buckley is not afraid to tell stars to go Buck themselves! Buck covers all the hot topics of the week and will simply make stuff up if the real news sucked that week! Favorite topics include American Idol, Tyra Banks, The View, and skanks like Britney and Lindsay and Paris.

What the Buck has become one of the most popular channels on YOU TUBE with over 5 million hits this year and currently averaging 50,000 hits a day. It is the most popular entertainment show on YOU TUBE. New episodes are posted 4-5 times a week covering a variety of pop culture topics.

You can also watch Buck on The Fizz Newzz on DirectTV and listen to him on Leeza Gibbons’ nationally syndicated radio show, Hollywood Confidential.

Michael Buckley lives in Connecticut with his husband and four dogs!

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