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Zac Hart has been a Project Contributor since April 2009, has written 14 entries and currently lives in Indianapolis, IN.


Zac is a native Hoosier and a N00B LGBT political activist living in Indianapolis. Besides working as an Analytical Chemist developing life-saving medications, he co-founded Indy Impact, a direct-action LGBT activist organization formed in response to the passing of Proposition 8 in California. His group currently organizes the National and Local LGBT Rights Protests that take place here in Indianapolis.

Though only recently accepting the term "activist," Zac has been active in the Gay Community since highschool. Before "Gay-Straight Allaiances" became the "norm" in High Schools across the country, he organized a "Gay-Straight Cafeteria Table" which served pretty much the same purpose. After high school, he ran to the land of "Gold and Honey," attending his freshman year at San Francisco State University. Though he loved San Francisco, he chose to return to Indiana when his roommate threatened his life because he was gay and the Dormatory Coordinator failed to act, stating that he needed to accept his roommate's religious beliefs that being gay was "wrong." Upon returning to Indiana, he transferred to Ball State University. There, he became one of the first openly gay Greek fraternity Presidents on Campus (Zeta Beta Tau - a Jewish Fraternity no less). His double major in Chemistry and Japanese took him overseas to Japan in 2005, where he realized that he hated Japan and sitting quietly while society denies who you are was simply "Un-American."

After BSU, he moved to Indianapolis and secured his dream job with a major Indianapolis pharmaceutical company doing what he loves - Chemistry! In 2008, he became involved with the local Indy Obama Campaign, his first true taste of creating "change" by being politically active. November 5th, 2008 was a turning point in his life: the passing of Proposition 8 made him realize that there was a lot to be done before he and others in the LGBT community were permitted to also acheive the "American Dream." He used the political fervor ignited in him by actively campaigning for Obama to co-create Indy Impact in order to convince the Indiana LGBT community to stand up for their rights. Though the group is still in its infant stage, it has opened up many opportunities to make a personal impact for LGBT rights in Indiana. Besides working a full-time job, being a full-time husband, and organizing LGBT protests/rallies, he spends what little time is left writing blogs for Bilerico-Indiana.

Feel free to add Zac as a friend on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace. Get politically active with his group, IndyImpact by visiting IndyImpact's website, twitter, facebook, or MySpace page.

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