Media: February 2006

What Do Extremists Think of Uber-Extremists?

Filed by Julien A. Sharp | February 27, 2006 | 9:07 AM | comments

My first post here, and I'm going to keep it short. Today, I'm thinking about Fred Phelps and his church wacko followers family members that travel around, protesting the funerals of fallen servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan. There's a part...Read More

Does racism trump free speech?

Filed by Bil Browning | February 20, 2006 | 11:07 PM | comments

What do you think of this? There's this slimy guy, David Irving, in England who calls himself a historian. He's a holocaust denier. Now we all know that these people are slimy mofos who for some reason just can't accept...Read More

Transgender Representations in the Media, 2/7 - Greencastle, IN

Filed by Ed Team | February 04, 2006 | 12:36 PM | comments

Check out this event coming to Depauw University this Tuesday night. TJ Jourian, a trans man from Michigan State University is going to be speaking on how trans people are represented in the media. Read More