Media: November 2006

Eric opens his yap

Filed by Bil Browning | November 18, 2006 | 2:31 PM | comments

Today's Indy Star has an interview with Advance America's Eric Miller that'll you want to go check out. It's full of the usual half-truths and distortions that we've come to know and despise. While the Star didn't hold Miller's feet...Read More

Jesus Camp to close up shop

Filed by Bil Browning | November 10, 2006 | 1:53 PM | comments

Remember the clip from Jesus Camp that Tony posted a while back? It got a few comments - mostly along the lines of "Oh. My. God." If you remember, Jerame then posted a clip from the movie that showed our...Read More

A little fuel to the fire...

Filed by Jerame Davis | November 02, 2006 | 11:17 PM | comments

Another hat tip to AmericaBlog for the vid... Ted Haggard clip from the movie Jesus Camp. This guy is slime. What do you think HE did last night?...Read More

The Right-Wing Sexpose Continues

Filed by Ellen Andersen | November 02, 2006 | 9:02 PM | comments

This just in: According to the A.P., the Rev. Ted Haggard, who heads up the influential National Association of Evangelicals, a vocal opponent of marriage equality, has just resigned amid allegations that he paid for sex with another man. Mike...Read More