The Movement: February 2006

It's About Time...

Filed by Jerame Davis | February 28, 2006 | 2:40 PM | comments

I got my March 6, 2006 edition of Time in the mail today. It appeared to be the typical news magazine of the day...Pictures of angry Arabs on the cover, headlines about New Orleans, budget scams, and GOP mavericks. Tucked...Read More

LGB(T?) - Why is it okay to make gender jokes?

Filed by Bruce Parker | February 25, 2006 | 4:14 PM | comments

I was lucky enough to be one of the people in attendance at the Kate Clinton show at Bulter University a while back. She was fabulous, fierce, and very funny. Not a bad word to say about her or her...Read More

Ban Republican Adoption

Filed by Bil Browning | February 25, 2006 | 1:35 PM | comments

An Ohio congressman has written a mock bill asking the state legislature to ban Republican adoption. We'll just leave the commentary at: "Hell, yeah!" (Akron, Ohio) An Ohio Democrat is proposing legislation that would prevent Republicans from adopting children, a...Read More

France issues mixed report on SSM

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | February 22, 2006 | 6:12 PM | comments

The FRC and RCC are rejoicing over a new report commissioned by the president of France that ignores the rights of children of gay couples and bases its negative findings on speculation that has long since been disproven but accurately...Read More

Move over Brokeback

Filed by Bil Browning | February 22, 2006 | 9:54 AM | comments

"There is a time in everyone's life when everything changes... "Summer Storm highlights the emotional confusion of a young man who confront the complications of adulthood when he and his bestfriend come face to face with an out-and-proud gay rowing...Read More

Gay money for college!

Filed by Bil Browning | February 12, 2006 | 5:56 PM | comments

Taking Down Words has an interesting post about a recent Indianapolis Star story on scholarships for LGBT students. While the Star story itself is quite lengthy and very interesting, it's TDW's commentary that made me smile and nod my head....Read More

New Bedford Hate Crime Updates

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | February 04, 2006 | 3:00 PM | comments

Robida was last seen driving a green 1999 Pontiac Grand Am with Massachusetts license plates 85E-C58. However, police have asked that all cars fitting that description that are parked where they wouldn't be expected - in a vacant lot unmoved for a day or two, newly appeared in a neighborhood, etc. - be called in for police ID, no matter what the license number. The police will go read the VIN # on the windshield. They asked that you not do this yourself lest the suspect be hiding in the car. Call your local police to ID vehicles matching the suspect's. Call local police and either of the New Bedford police tip numbers for the case for information about Robida (5-foot-6, about 200 pounds, with dark hair), his whereabouts, or the case itself: (508) 961-4584 or 508-991-6320.Read More

No more wire wicks, ever!!!

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | February 02, 2006 | 11:09 AM | comments

The next whiny ChristoNazi who fusses about how oppressed they are better hope I'm not packing a hatchet, a machete, and a pistol and heading into their church/culture war HQ asking if it's an AmTaliban hangout as I'm downing a...Read More