The Movement: August 2006

If you gotta have it explained . . .

Filed by Bil Browning | August 29, 2006 | 12:25 PM | comments

If you have to have it explained, you ain't never going to know. (Old blues man's saying.) In his "Our View" column in the September 6th issue of The Word, the editor calls for the elimination of Indiana Black Pride....Read More

Last call

Filed by Bil Browning | August 23, 2006 | 7:43 PM | comments

I just heard through the grapevine that Bullwinkle's - Bloomington's gay bar of my youth - has closed it's doors. :( While I was still reflecting on the way change affects us all, I came across this story on Joe.My.God....Read More

Some thoughts on Lesbians, Transmen, and the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

Filed by Bruce Parker | August 23, 2006 | 2:12 AM | comments

Recently Mellissa invited us to take part in a conversation around lesbians and transmen. Instead of commenting inside her post, I decided to expand my thoughts a bit and continue the conversation on the main page. I am really curious...Read More

MWMF: After 15 years of controversy, supporters welcome transwomen to 'the land'

Filed by Ed Team | August 21, 2006 | 4:07 PM | comments

Trans women and lesbians make peace at the world largest women's music festival held annually in Michigan.Read More

FTM's as lesbian sellouts?

Filed by Melissa Williams | August 20, 2006 | 12:17 PM | comments

There is an interesting article in the New York Times Sunday Styles Section called "When Jane Becomes Jack" that discusses the implications to the lesbian community of women deciding to transition to men. How do most people feel about...Read More

Money, and success, and independence... oh my!

Filed by Carrie Wooten | August 15, 2006 | 7:10 PM | comments

Last semester, I read a small article in Cosmopolitan about what to do if you (being female) are making more money than the man you are dating. Basically, the entire thing was geared toward how to cushion this extreme blow...Read More

2006 Campaign Convention

Filed by Jerame Davis | August 14, 2006 | 2:41 PM | comments

IE and HRC Join Forces for August 19th Campaign Training Learn how to effectively campaign to make a difference in this fall's elections. Spend the day with Indiana Equality Political Action Committee and Human Rights Campaign on August 19, 2006...Read More

Moral decision?

Filed by Carrie Wooten | August 12, 2006 | 10:38 AM | comments

This story was brought to my attention early this morning and I thought it best to post on it right away. A girl, who was raped in front of her home, was denied Plan B when she went to the...Read More

When Good Gays Use Gender Expression as an Insult...

Filed by Bruce Parker | August 12, 2006 | 2:35 AM | comments

Well, over on Advance Indiana a good post turned ugly. In AI's discussion of Rep. Woody Burton's new "In God We Trust" license plates, I was eagerly agreeing and glad that he was covering the issue until he resulted to...Read More

one of how many, today?

Filed by Bruce Parker | August 11, 2006 | 2:28 PM | comments

Today, while I got up early for two activism meetings (early to me being ten a.m.), took a nap with my boyfriend, had dinner with friends, and then attended the Indiana Black Pride Town Hall Meeting more than one woman...Read More

Martha Wash, is that you?

Filed by Bil Browning | August 08, 2006 | 12:11 PM | comments

Today's Indianapolis Star has a great article up about Indiana Black Pride today. When I saw it, it reminded me that I hadn't done a post on IBP yet - and I even have a special Martha Wash touch to...Read More

Same Sex Adoption is Safe for Another Day

Filed by Karen Celestino-Horseman | August 04, 2006 | 11:17 AM | comments

Score one for Indianapolis attorney, Barbara Baird and Patricia Logue of the Lambda Legal Defense Fund! Thanks to their hard work, the Indiana Supreme Court today declined to accept an appeal of the decision of In re The Adoption of...Read More

"Are You a Lesbian?"

Filed by Carrie Wooten | August 02, 2006 | 2:29 AM | comments

Before officially becoming a contributor, Bil asked me to send him the link to my summer reading list blog to check out my work and make sure my voice was appropriate for Bilerico. After reading my entries, the first...Read More

Fear of Fucking

Filed by Sheila S. Kennedy | August 01, 2006 | 12:25 PM | comments

This morning, the Indianapolis Star ran an article suggesting that the FDA might retreat from its insistence that access to "Plan B"--the morning-after pill--be only by prescription. The agency "might" allow women over 18 to purchase it over the counter,...Read More