The Movement: June 2014

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Prop 8 Plaintiffs Put Andrew Sullivan in His Place

Filed by John M. Becker | June 25, 2014 | 4:30 PM | comments

In Andrew Sullivan's fervent crusade to undermine everything related to the Prop 8 case, he's now belittling the contributions of the plaintiffs themselves.Read More

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Bonauto: ENDA's 'Gaping' Religious Exemption Part of 'Dangerous' Trend

Filed by John M. Becker | June 20, 2014 | 8:00 PM | comments

Legendary LGBT legal icon Mary Bonauto said today that ENDA's "gaping" religious exemptions are part of a broader effort to preserve homophobia as an acceptable prejudice in law and society under the guise of "religious liberty."Read More

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Jerame Davis Named Interim ED of Pride at Work

Filed by John M. Becker | June 12, 2014 | 10:00 AM | comments

Today is a proud day for the Bilerico family: Jerame Davis, our co-founder and webmaster, has been named interim executive director of Pride at Work!Read More

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Why Is Lambda Legal Cyberbullying a Small Business?

Filed by Bil Browning | June 11, 2014 | 6:30 PM | comments

Lambda is urging their followers to damage the reputation of a company that is recognized as LGBT-friendly and hasn't been proven guilty of any wrongdoing. Even worse, their excuses reek of self indulgence and simply parrot a five-year-old's favorite form of absolution: "Not me."Read More

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GOProud Denies, Then Admits It Is Closing Down

Filed by Bil Browning | June 02, 2014 | 4:00 PM | comments

While GOProud denied our earlier report that the organization was being shuttered, now the group's leaders are admitting that they plan to close the doors and will attempt to reorganize under a different name.Read More

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LGBT Republican Group GOProud to Shut Down

Filed by Andrew Markle | June 01, 2014 | 10:00 AM | comments

In 2004, GOProud was born when Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron split from the Log Cabin Republicans. Fast forward to today: both have stepped down from the organization and it is shutting down for good. Read More